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No Other Experience

You could say that life is a series of experiences. From the time we are born until the moment we leave this world, we experience things . We go through periods where everything we experience is brand new and those experiences help us grow. We experience emotions and feelings. We experience hardships and joys. We […]

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Love Makes A Winning Team

 As you football fans out there are well aware, the upcoming Super Bowl is scheduled for Sunday, February 3rd.  With this in mind I thought it would be fitting for us to familiarize ourselves with some advice from a former winning Super Bowl coach, the late Vince Lombardi.

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India – Travel Home

We had to leave the hotel at 2:00 a.m. I tried to get a little sleep but was too wired. The morning traffic wasn’t bad but it still too forty-five minutes to get to the airport. I am pondering my last taxi ride. Driving around in India is an adventure in itself. We arrived at […]

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India – Day 10

After nine days of non-stop travel, preaching, and ministry, it was kinda nice to simply be able to wake up to a morning of rest. My dad and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together. We reflected on the events of the past days and discussed things that I learned. It is difficult to take everything […]

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India – Day 9

It is our last full day of events in India. We enjoyed worship at Beulah Christian Church in Chennai. It was a big crowd. They honored us with beautiful garlands made of roses and shawls. I don’t think I have ever experienced a welcome like these people showed me. They are so kind and they […]

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