February 19, 2013 11:59 AM

No Other Experience

You could say that life is a series of experiences. From the time we are born until the moment we leave this world, we experience things . We go through periods where everything we experience is brand new and those experiences help us grow. We experience emotions and feelings. We experience hardships and joys. We learn from our experiences and

sometimes we falter because of them. Our experiences tend to shape who we are as human beings. We all experience life differently. Different ways of growing up, different parents, different educations, different languages, and different looks. But at the same time, we experience life the same. We all experience birth, death, hunger, thirst, work, sorrow, joy, sickness, strength, and weakness. No matter what our lives look like, we all experience it.

I love how God uses our experiences to shape us and draw us to him. Many of the things we experience are simply because of decisions we have made. Some decisions we make are wise and we experience great things because of them. Other decisions we make are not so wise and we experience the fruit of those decisions. And in that respect, we force God to use the experience of our mistakes to communicate our need for him. This is something that God is very good at. God allows us to live the way we want to live. We experience life on our terms until we come to the realization that without God, our experiences amount to nothing. If the things we experience in this life do not lead us to a relationship with God then we have wasted our experiences; both good and bad.

And that brings me to the greatest experience of this life. There is no other experience like having a relationship with Christ. That is what the experience of life is all about. Without him, it means nothing. With him, all of our experiences become significant. All of our experiences bring us closer to him and eternity. There are people in your life who have not yet experienced Jesus. If you have, share that experience with them.


  1. That Kyle guy    

    I love this Chadd! Very deep and spiritual blog. I like how if we look at it we are all different in so many ways, yet the same in numerous ways. In the end though no matter how similar or different we all are, we can all have the overwhelming experience of a relationship with the creator and savior of the world. 🙂

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