November 16, 2012 8:54 AM

India – Day 9

It is our last full day of events in India. We enjoyed worship at Beulah Christian Church in Chennai. It was a big crowd. They honored us with beautiful garlands made of roses and shawls. I don’t think I have ever experienced a welcome like these people showed me. They are so kind and they are always looking for ways to show their thanks. Ezra brought his guitar so I played a few songs for the church. That was a pretty cool yet strange experience. I have never sung to an audience that could not understand what I was singing. I’m not sure they knew what to think. They had never heard music like that before.

After church they fed us of course. We then went back to our rooms for a few hours of rest. I am still not feeling well.

We visited a group of orphans this evening. It is such a heartbreaking concern in India. The children quoted scripture and sang for us. We played with them for a while and gave new backpacks to four of them. They are just like kids here in America; full of life and energy. We are trying to find ways to help more of these children. There is much potential for growth and ministry. I pray that God protects them and instills his love in their lives through Christian people.

We finished our day with a gospel meeting in the streets of Chennai. That was a very interesting experience. In the middle of the city, playing very loud music, joined by about 150 people, not counting the people who simply passed by. We sang for an hour and a half. My Dad then preached and twelve people accepted Christ. Of course, after it was over, they fed us again. I try to be polite but I’m not sure how much more Indian food I can take.

As I look back at our moments of ministry in India, I consider myself very blessed to play a small part in God’s work here. I will take these experiences with me for the rest of my life. If I never see these people again, I know I will see them in heaven and will have a joyful reunion with them. I give God thanks for everything that he has accomplished. I pray that the people here would remain open to the gospel and its life-changing message. I pray for God’s continued strength for them and courage to face opposition with conviction. I pray that their faith always is centered on Christ and their hope always remains on eternity. Thank you Father, for showing me the power of the gospel and the power of your love to change people’s hearts.

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we relax and do some shopping. Then we pack up and get some rest before we head home!