September 28, 2012 8:55 AM

India Update

Only a couple of weeks remain before I leave for India. I have my passport, my visa, and my plane ticket. I have received most of my vaccinations. All that remains is gathering supplies and making sure I have everything here taken care of before I leave. There have been so many people who have generously donated their personal funds to help me make this trip. For that I am eternally grateful. Traveling overseas is very expensive. My plane ticket alone cost $1700! I hope I don’t forget something important! It is not quite the same as traveling in the states. I think we forget how convenient our lives are.

I look forward to taking this trip. We will be flying in to Chennai, India and from there will travel to other locations, visiting the local churches and preaching. I know God has many new experiences in store for me. I will get to ride on a coal-powered train! The thing I look forward to the most is meeting the people. It reminds me of how God is the God of all nations. The people I meet in India will join me in heaven someday and I relish the opportunity to build new friendships. My dad told me to prepare sermons to preach to the young people in the places we visit. What an exciting opportunity!

I would like to make a request. Would you please pray? Pray for the people in India who are hungry for the Gospel. Pray for the local churches and the local ministers who live there and face the everyday struggles of poverty and opposition to the Gospel. Please pray for safe travels for myself and my Dad. Pray for my family here at home, that they will be safe and not worry while I am away. Pray for me please, that my heart will be open to what God has in store for me and that I will be strong when I face new challenges. And above all things, pray for the lost people in India, that God would use this trip to speak to people’s hearts and draw them to his saving grace.


  1. Barry P    

    Wow, the time has really crept up quickly. Best wishes man, you will certainly make an impact on someone’s life. You have a knack for that. Thanks for the impact you have made on mine.

  2. Patrick    

    I (we) love you, Brother. You can rest assured that we, your Church family here at NDCC, will be lifting y’all up in prayer. Our prayer will be for a safe trip and that many lives will be influenced for Jesus Christ! And those that accept our Lord and Savior will carry that message forward after y’all leave.

    My greatest regret for you is that they probably don’t have Buffalo Wings the way you like them! (Though they do have some hot, spicy foods!) We’ll do wings when you get back. Do you think you’ll be up for another 5 alarm challenge?

    Remind the Indian nation, as John has preached the past couple of weeks, that a Christian’s life here on earth is the only hell we’ll ever know. But for a non-Christian, this life will be the only Heaven they will ever know.

    I love you and you will be missed while you’re gone. We’ll take care of your family while y’all are gone.


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