July 24, 2012 8:44 AM

Run, Run, Jordan

I met an interesting fellow last week. I was attending the adult leader meeting at the MOVE conference when the director brought to our attention the plans of one of the adult leaders from another church. We were entering our last day of the conference and the topic of the day was being the salt of the earth and the light of the world as Jesus instructed us. You see, salt brings flavor to food. Jesus said that salt is worth nothing if it loses its saltiness. It is simply thrown out. Salt is also a preservative. It keeps food from spoiling when you do not have access to refrigeration. Do you bring flavor to the lives of those around you? Or do you leave a bad taste in people’s mouths? Do you preserve the teachings of Jesus by living them? Do people who come in contact with you want to experience what you have in Jesus? I believe we need more salty Christians.

Have you ever lit a candle? You know, when it’s storming outside and the lights go out? Or maybe you just like candles. Have you ever lit a candle and immediately covered it up? Of course you haven’t! That doesn’t even make sense. Well, Jesus pretty much said the same thing. No one lights a candle and then covers it up. If you did that, no one could see its light. So when Jesus describes us as the light of the world he intends for us to shine. The world is a dark place. The great thing about light is the fact that darkness cannot put it out. There is no amount of darkness that can keep light from shining. It’s impossible. Light dispels darkness. The only way your light will be unseen is if you cover it up. Are you shining for Jesus? What are you doing, what are WE doing as his church to be a light in a dark world? I believe we need more shiny Christians.

Oh, by the way. The fellow I met is Jordan Connell. You don’t know him. He is just a regular guy trying to do everything God wants him to do. He is simply responding to Jesus’ call to be salty and shiny. And beginning September 15, he is running from New York City to Los Angeles California. You can check out why at Team314.org

  1. PMA    

    Thanks, Chadd, for the reminder. Additionally, salt is a healing tool. Have you ever had a sore throat? Try gargling with a little salt water. Works wonders. Well, if there is a “sore spot” somewhere in a relationship, we should act as salt and try to heal that hurt.

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