May 15, 2012 9:11 AM

Goodbye Mitchell

I watch television at night. I don’t have time to watch television during the day of course, so I record my favorite shows to watch at night while I wind down and try to find some sleep. I have many favorite shows like Fringe, House, Once Upon A Time, Mythbusters, The Firm, Storm Chasers, Grimm, Person Of Interest, Justified, The Walking Dead, and of course, Swamp People. Now, if you watch Swamp People, a smile came upon your face when I mentioned the show. There are some colorful characters on the show, displaying lifestyles that can only be described as interesting. Two of my favorite characters are Mitchell and Glen. They are brothers who were born and raised on the swamp, eat everything that comes out of the swamp, and enjoy a simple life that most people would not understand.

Yesterday I began to see information coming across my Twitter feed saying that Mitchell died. I had to confirm so I went to the History Channel website and sure enough, Mitchell died yesterday. It was sudden and unexpected. He died loading his boat. I thought about how sad his brother Glen must be and wondered how he would get along and whether or not he will continue to appear on the show. It may sound strange or silly but I kinda felt like I knew the guy. Swamp People will definitely not be the same without him.

One of the first thoughts that came to my mind when I learned that Mitchell died was whether or not he knew Jesus. Did anyone tell him? Not once did that question come to my mind when I watched him on television. Not one time. Strange.

  1. PMA    

    Wow, that is sad. We love that show. The brothers kind of creeped me out though! But I really enjoyed their adventures. You are right, Glenn must be pretty sad about this. And I also agree, I hope that they knew/know Jesus. I know that RJ and Jay Paul are Christians. I would like to think that anyone who “lives off the land,” would certainly give credit to our Creator. They see firsthand every day His workmanship.

    RIP, Mitchell.

  2. Barry P    

    What about people like that who may have never been taught about God or Jesus yet live the right kind of life? Do they have a chance? I would hope so.

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