April 16, 2012 12:31 PM


Freedom is part of the problem. We get so used to having things our way as Americans that we not only take our personal and religious freedom for granted, but we start thinking that the way our American society works is the same way Christianity should work. We love our options don’t we? We can choose whether we live in a house or an apartment. We choose what we want to eat and if we don’t like something, we don’t have to eat it. We go through great pains choosing the car we want. Sometimes our spouse chooses us but we get to choose whether or not to marry them. I could keep going but you get the idea. We are free to explore our options in almost every area of American life. And we love that freedom. Our lives are full of choices and because we are free, our choices are made based on what we like and what we want.

And then we choose Jesus. And we apply our freedom and love for options. We forget that following Jesus is full-time. We ignore the fact that following Jesus is sacrificial. We lose sight of the principal of total devotion because we love our options. Have you ever considered if you have an “optional” relationship with Jesus? Have you ever noticed how many spiritual things we explore our options with?

Forgiveness is optional. Baptism is optional. Church attendance is optional. Service is optional. Reading your Bible is optional. Worship is optional. Morality is optional. Submission is optional. Humility is optional. Love is optional. It’s almost as if we special order our relationship with Jesus in the same way we order off the menu at a restaurant. It’s all about what we’re in the mood for.

We love our options don’t we?


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