April 2, 2012 8:25 AM

Hang In There

I was sitting outside enjoying the weather a couple of days ago. While sipping a cup of coffee and pondering my day, I noticed a silk worm. He had attached one end of his thread to the branch of an oak tree in my backyard. The little silk worm had run his thread all the way from the tree to the ground for stability and was climbing his way up the thread to the top. I had to admire his tenacity. It must have seemed like a very long way for a creature so small. I wondered if he could even see his destination as he made his journey. He was making great progress, and I was somewhat caught up in the prospect of him reaching his goal. I actually found myself rooting for him. Go wormy! Go wormy! Go, Go, Go! But alas, it was not to be. About three-quarters of the way up, the little silk worm fell. I am not sure whether the thread broke, or if he simply lost his grip, but the journey of the little silk worm ended where it began. On the ground. I actually felt bad for the little guy. I got the feeling that the little silk worm wasn’t finished though. Sure enough, an hour later I walked outside and there he was, making his way up the thread once again.

I wondered how many times the little silk worm had tried to make it to the top. For all I knew, the first time I saw him was his tenth attempt, or his hundredth. I knew this though, that little silk worm was not going to give up. I also knew that God was telling me something.

The tenacity on display from the silk worm is exactly what God wants from his people. Too often the church is occupied with ground-dwelling believers, content with the grass when we have been designed for the leaves.


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