March 30, 2012 9:30 AM

A Huge Difference

I heard an alarming statistic the other day. It stated that 48% of non-Christians give to some type of charity, including churches. Guess what the percentage for Christians is. 47%! That’s right…47% of Christians, compared to 48% of non-Christians give from their income to charitable organizations and churches. Now, you might think that 47% is pretty good but that means that 53% of Christians give NONE of their money to their church or any other charity. And not only that, but Christians do a worse job letting go of their money than non-Christians. That means that non-Christians are more generous than Christians! I must give my kudos to non-Christians. You are doing a great job at being generous with your money.

Sadly, giving is not the only area that Christians seem to be in step with the world. In almost every area of life: volunteer work, divorce, sinful activity, integrity, etc., Christians are one step better and sometimes worse than non-Christians. Now, this is not a knock on non-Christians. I have no problem with someone living according to their own beliefs. This is alarming because Jesus calls believers to live to a higher standard than the world, and I am not sure the statistics reflect what Jesus had in mind when he called his people to discipleship. Sometimes I wonder if our modern churches are teaching people to be church-goers, or disciples. And I think there is a huge difference.