March 28, 2012 10:33 AM

Where Do We Go From Here?

I can’t help but wonder what it must have felt like, seeing your mentor nailed to a cross. You wonder when he will come down. You saw him raise people from the dead. Surely he would not let them do this. Doesn’t he know how much you need him? You are not ready. Any second now he would come down from the cross. Any second now he would show them who he was. And then you hear his last painful words. And then you see his last breath. And just like that the man you had grown so close to in the past three years, the man who performed miracles, the man who healed people, the man who was unlike any man you had ever met was gone. Could it really be over? He spoke of his death but you never really believed it. He came to change things but it seemed like nothing had changed.

He spoke a commandment of love and then lived it. He reached out to the lowest of the low. He accepted the rejected. He had the power to forgive sins. He walked on water. He even claimed to be God. How could God be dead? He said he would rebuild the temple but the temple was still standing. He said he would lay down his life for his friends but what did that accomplish? Rome was still in power and they still had no Messiah. What were they supposed to do now? Return to life as usual? After him nothing would ever be the same. He gave them joy but now all they had was sorrowful memories. He gave them purpose and direction. Now they don’t know where to turn. He showed them courage. Now they were scared. He gave them hope. Now they were hopeless. They couldn’t deny it. Their teacher was dead. What would they do without him?

And then a woman burst through the door and uttered words of such nonsense that they didn’t believe what she was saying. Nonetheless, her words were true. “He’s alive………Jesus is alive!”

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